middle finger

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mid·dle fin·ger

third finger.
Synonym(s): digitus (manus) medius [TA], digitus (manus) tertius [III] [III]* ☆ , third finger
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The first and third fingers can be moved out of the way.
In the UK most people wear the wedding band on the third finger of the left hand.
A THE Romans believed there was a vein in the third finger on the left hand that ran directly to the heart.
The tradition passed down through the years and, by the 16th Century, King Edward VI officially designated the third finger of the left hand (the side of the heart) as the "marriage" hand.
He placed it on the third finger of his right hand, but then found he could not remove it.
(Here Ax was joined by his wife, Yoko Nozaki.) Joseph Bowie, wearing a chic interpretation of an 18th-century jacket, led the men in purposeful strides that contrasted delicate pas couru and Baroque posturing, with arms in demibras, wrists broken and thumb and third finger elegantly touching.
The left hand in the B section includes sevenths and octaves followed by cross-overs with the third finger. The right hand is reading up to three leger lines.
The aye-aye's third finger is long and thin--mostly bone and attached bands of tendons covered with skin.
One puppy was aggressive and bit the woman on the third finger of her right hand.
A tear-strip in the new packs runs parallel with the third finger of the bar so that one finger of KitKat can be revealed and snapped off at a time.
He was wearing a white Rangers away strip and an RFC ring on the third finger of his right hand.
In a series of trials, 16 volunteers saw a flash of colored light that was immediately followed by a mild shock to the third finger of either the right or left hand.