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One of the group of thiosemicarbazones with a tuberculostatic action; used as a reagent in the detection of metals.
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The synthesized acid hydrazide is treated with different substituted phenyl isothiocyanates (a-h) to yield 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran 5- acyl thiosemicarbazides 11(a-h).
Thiohydrazide ligands have the basic structural unit of -C(=S)-NH-N[H.sub.2] and can function as excellent N,S donor bidentate chelating ligands like thiosemicarbazides or thiosemicarbazones; however, they have simpler structures as they do not contain [N.sup.4] nitrogen.
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This work will present the synthesis and [.sup.1]HNMR characterization of alloxan tertbntyl thiosemicarbazone and then compare to our series of alloxan thiosemicarbazide (All-TSC) ligands.
Estimation of serum Urea: Urea reacts with hot acidic Diacetylmonoxime in the presence of Thiosemicarbazide and produces a rose-purple coloured complex, which is determined colorimetrically [26].
In this research, we synthesized 3-thiosemicarbazone, N(4)-ethyl-3-thiosemicarbazone, N(4)-phenyl-3-thiosemicarbazone of benzophenone by using benzophenone and corresponding thiosemicarbazide in a 1:1 molar ratio in ethanol.
It has been shown (Domiano et al 1969) that the thiosemicarbazide molecule itself exist in the transcafiguration as in Fig(Ia) and when complexing in this configuration it behaves as a monohydrate ligand, bonding only through the Sulphur atom.
After routine histological methods, 5 [micro]m sections were obtained and coloured by Gomori's trichrome, periodic acid-Schiff (PAS), Alcian Blue pH 2.5 and pH1.0, acetylation + PAS, acetylation + deacetylation + PAS, acid hydrolysis + PAS, phenylhydrazine + PAS and thiosemicarbazide + PAS.
2, [IV]) and thiosemicarbazide [V] is the most dominant.