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An organic sulfide; an ether in which the oxygen is replaced by sulfur; R-S-R'.
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GST enzyme activity was detected by the measurement of the thioether bond formation between the glutathione substrate and GST by spectrophotometer at 340 nm (10).
MCC and MC linkers that link Ab to the payload via thioether linkage (190).
The present invention also provides an energy ball milling preparation method for the described product, and provides the formulas and preparation method of two kinds of sulfur-containing unsaturated coupling agents i.e., thioether and thiuram compounds for the described product.
Only Met showed >10% decrease (-15.5% and -10.9% on the 903 and 226 cards, respectively), probably from oxidization of the S-methyl thioether group.
One such very effective approach is to use polythiolsiloxane base films in which the polymers are bound to the gold support through multiple thiolate bonds, with remnant thiols serving for attachment of the biomolecules, typically through thioether linkages [27, 28].
The negatively charged sites of microbes involved in adsorption of metal are the hydroxyl, alcohol, phosphoryl, amine, carboxyl, ester, sulfhydryl, sulfonate, thioether, and thiol groups [49].
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Compounds 3a, 3b, and 4 were subjected to oxidation with m-chloroperbenzoic acid in chloroform at 0[degrees]C to oxidize the thioether group.
Recent studies indicate that vaccination with dendrimeric peptides based on the amino acid sequence of 3A (T-cell epitope) and VP1 GH loop (B-cell epitope) from the type O FMDV O/UKG/11/2001, and branched by means of thioether or maleimide conjugation chemistries, elicits an immune response that achieved protection in up to 100% of the vaccinated pigs [16].