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An enzyme that hydrolyzes thioesters; for example, the deacylating activity at the end of fatty acid biosynthesis that releases palmitate.
Synonym(s): thiolesterase
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Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis is a devastating neurodegenerative storage disease caused by palmitoylprotein thioesterase 1 deficiency, which impairs degradation of palmitoylated proteins (constituents of ceroid) by lysosomal hydrolases.
Palmitoylation of this atypical cysteine residues is mediated by the Golgi-resident palmitoyl transferases zDHHC9/14/ 18 and is followed by depalmitoylation via the plasma membrane-localized acyl-protein thioesterase APT1 [8].
An additional source of ceramide in mitochondria is via the reverse activity of neutral ceramidase, and recent reports also describe ceramide formation from acylCoA and sphingosine mediated by the coupled activities of mitochondrial neutral ceramidase and thioesterase. Furthermore, mitochondria from neutral ceramidase deficient mice liver exhibited significantly reduced ceramide formation from sphingosine and palmitate, further implicating this "reverse reaction" [52, 54].
RpfF through thioesterase activity also determines the formation of saturated free fatty acids.
Alexson, "Characterization of an acyl-CoA thioesterase that functions as a major regulator of peroxisomal lipid metabolism," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
The abovementioned study revealed a decreased expression (-2.7 fold change, p < 0.05) of acyl-CoA synthase (Acsl6, lipid synthetizing enzyme) and an increased expression (+4.2 fold) of mitochondrial acyl-CoA thioesterase (Mte1, auxiliary enzyme in lipid oxidation) [25].
Likewise, some enzyme indexes for desaturase, elongase, and thioesterase will be calculated in an attempt to detect any effect of the two kinds of selenium, on the lipids metabolism in the two muscles.
The aim of present study was to screen for the presence of genetic variability in thioesterase (TE) domain of the fatty acid synthase (FASN) gene in Murrah buffalo, an important milch breed of India.
Mutation of a conserved residue (D123) required for oligomerization of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Nef protein abolishes interaction with human thioesterase and results in impairment of Nef biological functions.
They reported that PPIs are effective inhibitors of the thioesterase activity of human fatty acid synthase (FASN).
The boron compounds were found to be effective as inhibitor of acyl protein thioesterase [144].
FASN has seven functional domains, namely, acyl carrier protein (ACP), Malonyl/acetyltransferase (MAT), ketoacyl synthase (KS), ketoacyl reductase (KR), dehydrase (DH), enoyl reductase (ER), and thioesterase (TE) [33, 35, 66].