(thī'ō-bar-bi'chū-ritz), Avoid the misspelling/mispronunciation thiobarbituate.
Hypnotics of the barbiturate group, for example, thiopental, in which the oxygen atom at carbon-2 is replaced by sulfur.
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A myriad of determinands caught his interest: magnesium, calcium, beryllium, gold, copper, iron, and zinc; phosphorous, chloride, and protein-bound iodine; creatinine, urea, bilirubin, proteins, estrogens, nucleic acids, ketosteroids, and haptoglobin; cholesterol, triglycerides, free fatty acids, and phospholipids; salicylates, barbiturates, thiobarbiturates, methotrexate, carbon monoxide, methanol, and ethanol; alkaline phosphatase, glucose-6-phosphatase, 5-'nucleotidase, cholinesterase, and creatine kinase.
No reports have been found on the interaction of thiobarbiturates with this enzyme.
The concentration of thiopental, a thiobarbiturate, in the plasma of the first boy was 135 mg/L by an HPLC-ultraviolet detection method.