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Causing a decrease in viscosity by dilution, including by chemical means, as by the addition of a solvent, or by mechanical means, as in shear thinning.
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Lettuce stand counts were taken in the subplots at each experimental site prior to the thinning process.
The price of the 'paper that contributes to forest thinning' used as printing paper by the supporting companies and organizations includes 15 yen/kg, which corresponds to around 10% of the existing price of paper.
The aims of this study were (1) to quantify the effects of long-term thinning on ecosystem carbon sink capacity via survey of biomass carbon and soil respiratory efflux and (2) to check the microbial and thermal changes for soil respiratory alteration from thinning treatment.
However, if you are concerned that your hair will begin thinning, you should consult your doctor.
Figure 18 shows a good correlation between the shear thinning measurements from the RPA under high strain conditions vs.
However, at the ice shelf's current rate of thinning, Larsen C could reach a 200-m thickness, and therefore be susceptible to disintegration, in 70 years or so.
In the New York Times last June, Stephen Pyne, an Arizona State biology professor, argued that thinning techniques should be used selectively.
In particular, we are asking if the interaction between hybrids and thinning treatment represents a major shuffling of the hybrids or simply a minor reordering.
Most of the controversy about the consistency of the thinning slopes is related to the procedure by which the thinning laws are quantitatively derived.
Thinning also encourages consistent crops year after year-instead of alternate years of overcropping and scarcity-and it improves the fruit's flavor, size, and color.
There, the small trees and other woody materials might be removed mechanically, perhaps as part of a more complete, one-entry thinning project.