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Franchising also provides people easy setup which is also one of the most thinkable thing while entering in a business.
A year ago, significant global military confrontation wasn't really thinkable.
In the aftermath of January's massacre at Quebec City's Grand Mosque, much has been said about the role that the media and identity-politicking politicians have played in cultivating a public discourse where discriminatory rhetoric is normalized and where violent acts become thinkable.
We need to trace both thinkable and unthinkable poverty politics, in order to imagine new narrations of the current economic, moral and political crisis and to think about possibilities for political solidarities.
The Trezor, as is, has already been a more thinkable concept car, and neat touches like a battery percentage indicator in place of the fuel cap insert say volumes about Renault and its intent in the auto industry.
But as the kingdom's new policymakers look to diversify the economy away from oil, what was once unthinkable has just become a lot more thinkable, with Saudi Arabia potentially swelling the ranks of Middle East LNG importers later this decade.
The nuclear threat is the threat on the Russian border," he said, adding later on that "both sides are acting as if an atomic war is thinkable.
The New York Times quoted Gen; James Cartwright, a retired vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and one of Obama's most influential nuclear strategists, as saying that the smaller yields and more precision targeting of the new nukes makes the use of these weapons "more thinkable.
The fall-out has been predictably brutal as the ruins of a moment being described as the darkest hour in Red Rose history are examined for clues as to why the thinkable has come to pass.
And unless they try to know this, to start for finding solution to any issue is not even thinkable.
A fifth successive away defeat rendered the previously unthinkable prospect of Manchester City failing to qualify for the Champions League as suddenly very thinkable indeed.
She said: "I want to show the underbelly stuff that we pretend isn't there, stuff that we hide from because it is uncomfortable to think about - but I'll make it thinkable about with comedy, cosiness and charm.