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But, as I read 1 Samuel 15:17, I could feel God saying to me, "Cris, although you may think little of yourself, are you not called to be the leader of Caring Counseling Ministries?
Phil Vetterkind has to think little about his response when asked what he enjoys most about his job: I get to go in a lot of cool buildings and see and do a lot of cool things.
I think Little Mix should have been on longer for the kids."
New Messier Object "Since [French astronomer Charles] Messier's time, his catalogue has been revised so thoroughly and frequently that one might think little new could be said about it.
means the and we think little boy, the time spent single day.
Think Little House on the Prairie from a Native-American point of view.
The people behind these organisations are real heroes in their own right; they do not seek the limelight and think little of what they are doing.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think little old dyslexic me would have a myown book.
Only 22 percent of those surveyed think little or nothing should be done, a figure that dropped from 25 percent.
US workers, anxious to keep their own jobs, think little about purchasing low-cost goods made overseas.
When asked who they think will have the most successful career from the acts on this year's show, the boyband said: "Little Mix, we all think Little Mix."
I think Little Rock is beginning to retain some of its best and brightest.