thin veneer

thin ve·neer

(thin vĕn-ēr')
Shallow, smooth coating of calculus on portion of root surface.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
References in classic literature ?
The table was flanked on one side by a gaudy bureau, manufactured for profit and not for service, the thin veneer of which was shed day by day.
Yet even with that burden he fell into the little habits and manners of his early life that were in reality more a part of him than the thin veneer of civilization that the past three years of his association with the white men of the outer world had spread lightly over him--a veneer that only hid the crudities of the beast that Tarzan of the Apes had been.
Presently, as he sat there, the sudden feeling came over him that eyes were watching from behind, and the old instinct of the wild beast broke through the thin veneer of civilization, so that Tarzan wheeled about so quickly that the eyes of the young woman who had been surreptitiously regarding him had not even time to drop before the gray eyes of the ape-man shot an inquiring look straight into them.
When necessity demanded, Tarzan of the Apes sloughed the thin veneer of his civilization and with it the hampering apparel that was its badge.
With cold, reptilian eyes the creature seemed to bore through the thin veneer of my deceit and read my inmost thoughts.
so it's just high enough to cut the thin veneer (Photo 5).
Today's sanding machines involving electronic segmented pad technology can sense the edge or end of the part that is typically the trouble spot for sandthrough on a thin veneer and adjust sanding pressure accordingly.
After all, everyone knew that life inhabits only a thin veneer of territory at Earth's surface.
This is indicative of the fragility of the thin veneer of perceived civilised behaviour that covers the Queen's peace.
Then as now, as sure as night follows day, lawlessness rode on catastrophe's back because, threatened with possible extinction, the thin veneer of civilisation simply crumbles.
Until these sort of things radically change -- on both sides of the counter -- it matters little that we cover ourselves in a thin veneer of civilisation effected by importing renowned actors and musicians and staging global arts biennials.
Bobby (Steven Mackintosh) is too busy with a failing business and a warring wife to spare her much attention beneath his thin veneer of filial concern.