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oncogene panel, and ThyraMIR(TM), microRNA classifier, has been analytically validated on fixed nodule specimens including Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) samples, cytology slides and Thin Prep slides, in addition to the current molecular analysis of fine needle aspirations (FNAs).
The malaria smear from peripheral blood was confirmed negative (thick and thin prep as well as wet mount).
What I do instead is make a thin prep on a regular slide, cover slip, and read.
Lab workers across Staffordshire, Birmingham, the Black Country and Worcestershire have converted to the latest liquid-based Thin Prep Pap Test to analyse cells from a woman's cervix.
This study suggests that follow-up cytology alone, using the sensitive Thin Prep technique, may efficiently segregate ASCUS cases according to risk of progression to HSIL, Dr.
Over the course of a managed care lifetime, the Thin Prep Imaging System screening method is the most cost-effective screening strategy followed by ThinPrep alone, with total costs for these strategies being far less than the two strategies employing HPV DNA testing.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: thin prep imager integrated supply instrumentation required ou pathology cig 5463417a53.
You cite Thin Prep reimbursement as an example of how the market is responding quickly to new technologies with adequate reimbursement.
This CPT code facilitates the reimbursement process for laboratories screening ThinPrep Pap Test slides utilizing the Thin Prep Imaging System.
Efficiency of Thin Prep Pap Test preparation of cervical smears: A 1,000 case investigation-sponsored study.
Stan Lapidus, EXACT Sciences' Chairman of the Board will participate in a panel discussion on "Case Studies in Bringing a New Diagnostic to Market: Thin Prep and Other Examples" at 8:15 am EST.