thin filaments

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(fil′ă-mĕnt) [L. filamentum, threading]
1. A fine thread.
2. A threadlike coil of tungsten found in the x-ray tube that is the source of electrons.

axial filament

A filament forming the central axis of the flagellum of a spermatozoon.

intermediate filament

Abbreviation: IF
Slender proteins found in all eukaryotic cells, measuring about 8 to 12 nm in diameter. Intermediate filaments are composed of proteins including desmin, keratins, lamins, and vimentin and together with microtubules and microfilaments form the cytoskeleton. Some malignant cells can be identified by the specific proteins in their intermediate filaments.

thick filaments

Myosin, seen microscopically.

thin filaments

Actin, seen microscopically.

thin filaments

The actin filaments in muscle cells.
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