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The thin client field is growing, and now you can get hardware and software from multiple vendors:
Key to every thin client operation, however, is the software itself: the engine that keeps the system running.
Thin clients are low cost, centrally managed computers with key applications and data housed on servers rather than on the desktop, providing individual users and organizations with enhanced security, space savings and cost efficiency.
We want to ensure that our customers are getting what we feel is the best product on the market along with the best available offer on thin client terminals today.
2) IDC, Top 10 Vendors, US Thin Client Factory Shipments, 3Q06, Nov.
Rather than using networked PCs to provide connectivity, thin client systems allow for fast application deployment, centralized management, and a lower total cost of ownership.
Devon IT is the only thin client company in the marketplace capable of effectively delivering these complete solutions to customers.
IGEL Technology is the world's 4th largest thin client vendor (H1 2006 IDC) and the fastest growing vendor in worldwide top 9 (H1 2006 IDC).
This allows almost every corner of any organization to harvest the substantial benefits of thin clients and server based computing.
We want to ensure that our customers are getting what we feel is the best product along with the best offer on thin client terminals available today.
Klaus Besier, President of Neoware, sees the Neoware m100 thin client notebook as a critical step in the evolution of thin clients.
Devon IT today announced the availability of SafeBook[TM], the thin client notebook.