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The first member of a family of des-thia-carbapenem nucleus antibiotics having a thioethylamine side chain on the enamine portion of the fused 5-membered ring.
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TLC results of KUAJ 1 extract shows an Rf value of 0.75 which is similar to that of kanamycin and KUAJ5 extract with Rf value 0.48 shows similarity with thienamycin whose Rf values is 0.
Synthesis of side chain analogues of carbapenems PS-5 and thienamycin," Tetrahedron Letters, vol.
These are the beta lactam antibiotics, derived from Thienamycin produced by Streptomyces cattleya.
for 8 days, cefepime (Maxipim) 1g + amikacin (Amiklin) 500 mg for 9 days and thienamycin (Tienam) 500 mg flacon i.v.
Imipenem (N-formimidiyl thienamycin), a carbapenem, is a semisynthetic derivative of thienamycin produced by Streptomyces cattleya.