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1. Relatively great in extent from one surface to the opposite, usually in the smallest solid dimension; not thin.
2. Measuring a specified number of units in this dimension.
3. Heavy in form, build, or stature; thickset.
4. Having component parts in a close, crowded state or arrangement; dense.
5. Having or suggesting a heavy or viscous consistency.
6. Having a great number; abounding.
7. Impenetrable by the eyes.
8. Not easy to hear or understand; indistinctly articulated.
9. Noticeably affecting sound; conspicuous.
10. Producing indistinctly articulated sounds.
1. In a close, compact state or arrangement; densely.
2. In a thick manner; deeply or heavily.
The most active or intense part.

Patient discussion about thick

Q. is there cause for alarm if i have a white thick discharge?

A. Hello, ruffdee, if the discharge is white, and NOT causing any itchy feeling, burn sensation, and not smelly, it probably still is in normal range.
But once you feel itchy, burning, its color turns yellowish or greenish, and it has bad smell, it might be a sign for an infection, and it is recommended then you to find a doctor to get the specific therapy to cure the infection.
"Stay healthy always.."

Q. after a pedicure, the soles of my feet are dark w/freckles, skin is itchy/thick, my derm says its eczema,help! the pedicure was in fall, 2002. I mad a mistake and wore nylon boots during a storm, the dye never fully disappeared. I would scrub the soles of my feet until I couldn't walk. However, within the last 4 months both heels are itchy, thick, dark-er and now they both have dark legions/ freckles have formed.

A. Are you sure you are going to a clean sterile saloon? It is very important to make sure they use sterile tools for a pedicure because they can transfer fungal infections very easily. Either way you should see a dermatologist to get the right kind of cream treatment for your feet.

Q. What would thick white "plaque" that builds up on the inside of the cheek be caused by? My son has RA & is on several medications. Is this caused by medication or is it a sign of gum disease or just certain oral products that he may be using?

A. You didn’t specify the medications he’s treated with, but some of the medications used to treat RA, especially steroids, may cause infection of the mouth with fungi (i.e. oral candidiasis). It’s a side effect of the treatment and it can be treated with local antifungal medications.

However, I haven’t even seen the lesions you speak about, so it’s all just general advice – you may want to consult your doctor.

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Repeat this until all of it is in the liquid, and then cook it until it thickens.
ARS scientists found that regardless of roast color, lower-fat peanut flours thicken more effectively than higher-fat flours.
Lash-thickening - or lash-building - mascara contains water-attracting ingredients to moisturise and swell lashes, plus polymers to seal water in and reduce clumping and filaments to thicken.
As a result, you get a lot of lumps and a sauce that won't thicken.
One coat gives a natural look - two coats thickens the lashes.
Contract award: gradual delivery (within 36 months) polyelectrolyte to thicken sludge from the wastewater treatment plant plaszow ii.
Pure-Gel modified starches thicken and stabilize creams, lotions, shave products and cleansers at a wide range of pH.
We added a few teaspoons cornstarch to thicken the sauce slightly.
Within a decade, however, in about half the patients the grafted vessels thicken so as to dangerously impede flow.
Part 5 - acrylic polymer - polyelectrolyte to thicken the sludge after coagulation for IG "Miedwie" - 500 PLN in words five hundred zlotys
When the emulsion is added to water, the polymer expands immediately into the water phase to thicken and stabilize the formulation.
Prior drilling at Crescent Creek indicates that, at least locally, the stratigraphic package hosting the "A" and "B" Chromitites appears to thicken down dip, with the stratigraphy thickening to the west, within the claims covered by the Lease Agreement.