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Resistant to heat, denoting certain microorganisms.
[thermo- + G. phylaxis, protection]
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, thermophylic (ther?mo-fil'ik) [? + philein, to love]
Preferring or thriving best at high temperatures, said of bacteria that thrive best at temperatures between 40° and 70°C (104° and 158°F). Synonym: thermoduric
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Soil organisms can thrive in hot (thermophylic), temperate (mesophylic), or cold (cryophilic) temperature regimes.
These organisms were thermophylic bacteria, or bacteria that thrive in temperatures around 55 [degrees] Celsius (130 [degrees] Fahrenheit).
In the composting process, which may be applied to solid poultry manures and/or poultry mortalities, aerobic microbial decomposition generates sufficient heat energy to raise the temperature of compost mixtures to the thermophylic zone [40 [degrees] - 75 [degrees] C (104 [degrees] -167 [degrees] F)], destroying pathogenic organisms and weed seed at temperatures [is greater than or equal to] 60 [degrees] C (140 [degrees] F).