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The science of heat production.
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In men, reading more male magazines was associated with a greater use of supplements to increase musculature, but not thermogenics (30); in addition, social influence proved relevant in ESU prediction (15) and, more specifically, the internalisation of the muscular ideal predicted greater protein use (26) and more favourable expectations regarding and intention to use AAS.
Likewise, it is important to note that in the prediction of ESU, the iatrogenic effect of the use of these substances could also have an effect; for example, it has been documented that the use of supplements makes later illegal ESU more likely, (15, 26) albeit with a certain degree of distinction between the sexes, since in men the use of supplements to increase musculature was more relevant and, in women, that of thermogenics. (15)
Walter AA, Trent JH, Eric DR, Pablo BC, Katherine MH, Travis WB, Jeffery RS and Joel TC, Acute effects of a thermogenic nutritional supplement on cycling time to exhaustion and muscular strength in college-aged men, Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2009, 6:15
Although some of the thermogenic products, or "fat burners," carry relatively heavy price tags, consumers have shown no hesitation in buying them.
Other players that rely on the thermogenic process include Twinlab Corp., which saw sales increase 41% during the 52 weeks ended October 7, according to IRI, and Enforma Natural Products Inc., among others.
Ultrim-Plus not only provides nutrition with minimum calories but also includes the latest breakthrough discoveries in advanced thermogenics - ingredients proven to accelerate metabolism and block fat absorption safely.
Each is a dietary supplement that incorporates the process of "thermogenics," which essentially accelerates the body's metabolism.
Trimmers are said to work through a process called thermogenics, which helps the body lose stored calories through heat and energy loss.
They are also said to work through "thermogenics" which helps the body lose stored calories through heat and energy loss.
7-Keto (3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone) is shown to be a non-stimulant thermogenic that increases the activity of fat-burning enzymes.