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The science of heat production.
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Although some of the thermogenic products, or "fat burners," carry relatively heavy price tags, consumers have shown no hesitation in buying them.
Other players that rely on the thermogenic process include Twinlab Corp.
Weight watchers who take blood pressure medication are not able to use thermogenic products, but they do have other options.
We are seeing new trends into technologies, such as insulin management, fatty acid synthase inhibition, appetite control and non-stimulant thermogenics," he said.
Also in support of this trend is Robert Veghte, general manager, Roxlor International LLC, Wilmington, DE, who said, "People are looking for a combination type product, where, for example, you use a thermogenic and also something to control hunger or to control blood sugar to create a sense of satiety, as well as burning calories.
Trimmers are said to work through a process called thermogenics, which helps the body lose stored calories through heat and energy loss.
Take Charge was developed over a five-year timeframe and offers two separate formulations of dietary supplements packaged into one program: BurnMore(TM) provides gentle, natural thermogenics to help burn fat and enhance metabolism and CraveLess(TM) contains ingredients designed to help consumers control and curb their appetite, while enhancing and absorbing nutrients.
7-Keto (3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone) is shown to be a non-stimulant thermogenic that increases the activity of fat-burning enzymes.
It is unlikely that there is any retailer involved in this category that is not aware of how popular the thermogenic trend is right now," says David Kronrad, vice president of Rexall Sundown Inc.
Notwithstanding the success of thermogenic products, some involved in the weight management segment are predicting a shakeout due to the large number of vendors vying for the business.