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1. Characteristic of or resulting from the conversion of heat into other forms of energy.
2. Of or relating to thermodynamics.
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The Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger recharged a dead cell phone to 100% battery power after four hours of heating in tests conducted by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute.
A comparison is carried out between the ammonia-water VLE thermodynamic properties determined using the developed correlations and the ones reported in the literature.
The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) established a working group to look at the thermodynamic properties of seawater in 2005.
Accuracy of experimental data of discharge measurements by thermodynamic methods, in the case of a low head turbine is near to accuracy of other methods, as will be seen further in the paper.
Researchers at NIST have constructed a thermodynamic database for Ni-base alloys.
In the equation for total thermodynamic pressure of all the gases,
Thermodynamic sorption models (TSMs) are key for improving confidence in assumptions made about such radionuclide sorption when preparing a repository's safety case.
The goal of this project is to construct a thermodynamic model of the Earth s central core.
His topics include the first three laws of thermodynamics, the structure of thermodynamic theories, thermodynamic potentials and Maxwell relations, the van der Waals equation, the approach to absolute zero, and some mathematical aspects of thermodynamics.
The use of ultraviolet light to overcome the thermodynamic ban in some undesirable reactions can be useful from the thermodynamic points of view.
2008, RP 1472] describes a model of the precooled MGJT system and captures the fundamental thermodynamic and heat transfer processes that govern system performance.
Shavit and Gutfinger (emeritus, mechanical engineering, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology) provide a second edition of their textbook for undergraduate students intended to enable them to think in clear and correct thermodynamic terms, understand basic principles, and solve engineering problems.