thermionic emission

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1. a discharge.
2. an involuntary discharge of semen.
nocturnal emission reflex emission of semen during sleep.
thermionic emission the application of heat, such as to a filament, resulting in the emission of electrons and ions.
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ther·mi·on·ic e·mis·sion

(thĕr'mī-on'ik ē-mish'ŭn)
Sending out of free electrons by a filament that is heated by an electric current passing through it, as in an x-ray tube.
Synonym(s): Edison effect.
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ther·mi·on·ic e·mis·sion

(thĕr'mī-on'ik ē-mish'ŭn)
Release of electrons that occurs when tungsten filament of a cathode is heated to incandescence.
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