caloric stimulation

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ca·lor·ic stim·u·la·tion

(kă-lōr'ik stim'yŭ-lā'shŭn)
In treatment of swallowing disorders, the use of cold (but sometimes hot) temperature to increase awareness of the bolus in the mouth and pharynx; e.g., the use of ice slush rather than a room temperature food of similar consistency.
See also: tactile stimulation
Synonym(s): thermal stimulation.
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Those who had been undergoing painful thermal stimulation (heat) when they first saw the object remembered the picture better a year later.
Finally, the 1: 1 complex film showed the strongest reversibility upon thermal stimulation. The ex situ FTIR spectra of the 1: 1 (termed as pXDA-rich) film upon thermal stimulation are shown in Figure 4.
If one or more fracture sets are nonoptimally oriented and unsuitable for hydraulic stimulation, they might still be suitable for thermal stimulation. However, due to different propagation speeds of the fluid pressure and thermal front, thermal stimulation might be challenging for short stimulation scenarios.
As a type of mechanical stimulation, Acup works by penetrating the skin with needles that are manipulated by the hands or electrostimulation, while Moxi produced thermal stimulation effects by burning moxa.
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84 days after surgery return of sensitivity to the plantar surface--in particular the flap area--could be objectively established by means of selective thermal stimulation of AS and C fibers.