thermal expansion

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ther·mal ex·pan·sion

(thĕrmăl eks-panshŭn)
Enlargement caused by heat.
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If all this isn't confusing enough, it turns out that the coefficient of thermal expansion for tool steel really isn't a fixed value.
We also detected small additional anomalies of thermal expansion in some samples of x = 0.2, 0.3, 0.6, and 0.8.
A medium glass fibre and copper filled PTFE, for example, provides low thermal expansion, while the addition of glass fibre on its own can create a PTFE material that is almost chemically inert and suitable for oxygen-focused applications.
The value of thermal expansion coefficient (TEC) was gradually decreased from 8.3A-10-6/ C to 6.9A-10-6/C with increasing AT content in the glass matrix as shown in Fig.
All reported thermal expansion coefficients for glasses are actually average linear thermal expansion coefficients over some specified temperature ranges.
Nevertheless, the so-called 'one-component' materials - such as manganese antiperovskites, zirconium vanadates, and hafnium tungstates - exhibiting negligible thermal expansion offer a promising route towards achieving this goal.
The thermal expansion value m the c equation should also be in in/100ft rather than inches as it was m die original inquiry, which alters me equation by a factor of two (due to length being 200ft vs.
By matching thermal expansion rates during heating and cooling, the researchers have enabled the two materials to maintain a strong bond.
* Emphasis on the fact that both the clay body and glaze must have a low enough thermal expansion in order to be successful.
However, the main spindle structure is complex because the ball bushing or preload spring has to absorb thermal expansion of the shaft.
Key words: Flux, melting, chemical durability, softening point, thermal expansion
"The low coefficient of thermal expansion and the dimensional stability of Victrex Peek polymer also solved the problem that lower performance polymers could not.

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