thermal death point

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thermal death point

In bacteriology, the degree of heat that will kill organisms in a fluid culture in 10 min.
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pertaining to heat.

thermal death point
the state of heat content, as measured by temperature, at which the life of an organism ceases. Important in a consideration of sterilization procedures for certain organisms, especially those that produce spores.
thermal energy
the energy of heat.
thermal injury
see burn.
thermal processing
the preservation of food by the application of heat either in boiling water, by live steam, in an autoclave or by flame.
thermal sensation
the sense of temperature.
thermal stress
see hyperthermia (1), heat stroke, fever.
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To determine the thermal death point, 150 [micro]L each of embryonated eggs, at a concentration of 100 eggs per [micro]L were added to six 1-mL polypropylene tubes of sterile water.
procyonis eggs have a thermal death point, [less than or equal to] 62[degrees]C, very similar to the thermal death point of Ascaris lumbricoides and A.
Cooking is one of the most common methods of assuring that Trichinella are destroyed a temperature of 170 F (77 C) substantially exceeds the thermal death point and is usually achieved if the meat is cooked until it is no longer pink [9