therapeutic strategies

therapeutic strategies, 1., approaches to treatment based on principles of organization.
2., in nutritional therapy, subcategory of prescriptive dietetics and nutritional pharmacology that addresses the imbalances in biochemistry or disturbances in physiology like tissue or organ dysfunction due to an organic disease. See prescriptive dietetics and nutritional pharmacology.
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The German firm has developed a NGS panel to investigate over 550 cancer-relevant genes in a tumour sample at the same time, which may aid doctors in choosing the most efficient therapeutic strategies.
Treatment of Skin Disease: Comprehensive Therapeutic Strategies, 4th Edition (online access included)
Thus, new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies against atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases are needed.
In light of the growing use of endovascular techniques, this medical textbook addressing therapeutic strategies in various clinical vascular settings places a special emphasis on the pros and cons of open versus endovascular approaches and on the need for a surveillance program for follow-up study.
Matsushita expects that the new device will contribute to the prevention and early diagnosis of lifestyle-related diseases and infections as well as formulating therapeutic strategies at an early stage.
Sherman and team reported that this suggests that hyaluronan may prevent myelin repair in people with MS, and that new therapeutic strategies for MS might emerge from studying how to control CD44 and hyaluronan.
Examples of research topics that are of interest include the following: 1) investigating mechanisms of chemical injury (including minimal threshold levels to establish injury) and subsequent effects at a cellular and molecular level causing airway inflammation or hypersensitivity; 2) identifying host responses to initial or immediate effects, and to long-term low-level exposure effects; 3) assessing systematic amount or dose of chemical absorbed from the airways; 4) developing preexposure preventive treatment or early use of antidotes; and 5) devising therapeutic strategies, especially if acute alveolar lung injury occurs and pulmonary edema ensues; specific therapies to prevent onset of pulmonary edema are sought.
This book contains a series of comprehensive reviews (chapters) on the control or inhibition of various complement components as an approach to therapeutic strategies in inflammation and disease.
These two areas are critical during a heart attack, and a better understanding of their linkage will open up a new area for development of therapeutic strategies, he says.
The goal of this volume is to place the description of medical theories, the therapeutic strategies, and the diseases themselves in a social and cultural context.
Metal-based neurodegeneration; from molecular mechanisms to therapeutic strategies, 2d ed.
The discovery of a specific pathway to chaos in cardiac fibrillation also opens up the possibility of new therapeutic strategies that may help prevent fibrillation, Garfinkel suggests.

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