therapeutic regimen

ther·a·peu·tic reg·i·men

(thār'ă-pyū'tik rej'i-mĕn)
A pattern of behavior that promotes wellness or health.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Health care providers should consider changing the therapeutic regimen, including discontinuing Zulresso in patients whose PPD becomes worse or who experience emergent suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
Tocagen Inc (Nasdaq: TOCA), a late clinical-stage, cancer-selective gene therapy company, and NRG Oncology, a member of the National Cancer Institute's National Clinical Trial Network, have received approval from the NCI Cancer Therapy and Evaluation Program Brain Malignancies Steering Committee for a concept to develop a clinical trial using the investigational therapeutic regimen Toca 511 (vocimagene amiretrorepvec) & Toca FC (flucytosine, extended-release) for the treatment of patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma (GBM), it was reported yesterday.
For most patients with psoriasis topical therapies are typically a part of their therapeutic regimen regardless of their disease's severity.
Therapeutic regimen is the various aspects of managements which include drugs therapy, dietary management, exercise, and cessation of social habits such as smoking and alcohol.
The primary care provider obtains all needed laboratory tests and makes recommended changes in therapeutic regimen. Patients are also offered ancillary services such as nutrition counselling and diabetes education services close to home.
It promotes targeted therapy by therapeutic effect prediction, early response evaluation, and therapeutic regimen determination in preclinical and clinical settings.
You are encouraged to embrace the natural elements in your surroundings and include them as part of your therapeutic regimen.
In the first section, metformin was given to the subjects.After six months, metformin was replaced with acarbose in the therapeutic regimen. In both studies, subjects were checked for their BMI, FBS, HbA1C, TGs, Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, 2hpp, unit of NPH and regular insulin variations.
The preferred therapeutic regimen nowadays is triple drug therapy including two antibiotics and a PPI and is the most successful in eradicating H.
The same therapeutic regimen was continued for a week.
EASL guidelines do not recommend this therapeutic regimen for treatment-experienced cirrhotic patients.

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