therapeutic phlebotomy

ther·a·peu·tic phle·bot·o·my

(thār'ă-pyū'tik fle-bot'ă-mē)
Drawing blood for the purpose of treating a medical condition (e.g., polycythemia vera).
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He underwent therapeutic phlebotomy, remained asymptomatic, and was discharged the following day with conservative management.
This condition developed rapidly, within weeks of initiation of treatment, and required intervention with therapeutic phlebotomy.
He was adherent to a therapeutic phlebotomy schedule to control iron overload.
* Liver biopsy: traditionally considered the "gold standard" for diagnosing iron overload but is now clearly unnecessary for the diagnosis, which can be established by monitoring the response to therapeutic phlebotomy, which is the treatment of choice.
Initiation of therapeutic phlebotomy is based on serum ferritin and does not require liver biopsy
Treatment for PV includes therapeutic phlebotomy with the goal of maintaining the hematocrit at below 45% in males and below 40% in females.
Mundis determined that the patient needed a therapeutic phlebotomy, a procedure similar to blood donation, in order to reduce the thickness of her blood.
Because this step applies only to hematocrits above 55% the target hematocrit for performing a therapeutic phlebotomy was also analyzed.
The most common form of treatment for these patients in reducing the red cell mass is a therapeutic phlebotomy (TP) in which approximately 500 mL of blood is withdrawn by venesection on a periodic basis using varying post-TP target hematocrits.
A proactive approach seems to offer more positives than negatives given that if a clinical problem is detected early, the inexpensive implementation of therapeutic phlebotomy can prevent development of life-threatening tissue damage.
Hemochromatosis Patient Renal Patient Cause of overload Increased iron Multiple transfusions absorption or parenteral iron therapy, decreased iron incorporation into the erythroid marrow Where iron Liver, spleen, heart Mostly the accumulates reticuloendothelial system Treatment Therapeutic phlebotomy Withholding parenteral iron, administering EPO, chelation (*) EPO indicates erythropoietin.
First, given the fact that this patient has not undergone any therapeutic phlebotomy for several years, it is possible that this patient's iron stores are abnormally increased, despite her low normal ferritin concentration.

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