therapeutic optimism

ther·a·peu·tic op·ti·mism

a belief in the efficacy of drugs and other therapeutic agents in the treatment of diseases.
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This suggests that therapeutic optimism is appropriate in the longer term.
This definition encompasses therapeutic optimism in terms of holding hope when other services and the service users themselves may feel stuck and demoralised.
This "strengths" approach embodies therapeutic optimism, facilitating the service user to gain confidence through encouragement and positive reinforcement of their existing interests and skills (however insignificant they may, at first, appear).
Kimmelman and Palmour (9) studied whether investigators expressed therapeutic optimism in consent forms used in gene transfer research.
Therapeutic optimism in the consent forms of phase 1 gene transfer trials: an empirical analysis.
Grady, "Misunderstanding in Clinical Research: Distinguishing Therapeutic Misconception, Therapeutic Misestimation, and Therapeutic Optimism," IRB: Ethics & Human Research 25 (2003): 11-16.
rather, when dementia occurs, it is due to an identifiable disease condition'[1] and therapeutic optimism prevailed.
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