therapeutic modality

therapeutic modality,

n an intervention used to heal someone. See model, biomedical and homeopathy.
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M2 PHARMA-November 1, 2017-Kymera Therapeutics Raises USD 30m to Advance Novel Therapeutic Modality and Develop Innovative Therapies
The objective is to comercialise DERMADROP as a multipurpose medical concept to be used in hospitals and clinics all around the world primarily as a therapeutic modality for non-healing wounds and for the secondary applications mentioned above.
Nitto also obtained relevant granted intellectual properties of therapeutic modality in Japan, US, Europe, China, Canada, Australia and Korea, as well as drug formulations including siRNA and DDS.
In addition to standard therapeutic modality in the treatment of psoriasis, we can also use non-therapeutic procedure, such as balneotherapy [30-33].
Targeting insulin as a therapeutic modality in breast cancer could be an option in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer.
You would be wise to keep treats to a minimum, and also to use a therapeutic modality like homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, or herbal healing to strengthen your constitution.
Hippotherapists are specially trained physical therapists, occupational therapists, or both, who utilize horseback riding as a therapeutic modality (Jorgenson, 1997; National Institute for Health, 1987).
After providing the service, the therapists enter completions (a notation that the service was, in fact, provided), including actual minutes by therapeutic modality.
A Placebo effect" emerges when a patient is searching for a remedy and finds solace in any therapeutic modality promising benefit.
Given the far-reaching potential of Stapled Peptides as a completely new therapeutic modality that can exploit a very large and presently undruggable collection of targets we are also investigating their use for inflammatory, metabolic and infectious diseases.
Another section looks at the treatment services and contains chapters on work hardening as a therapeutic modality, work hardening through work simulation activities, vocational services planning, and work hardening with survivors of head injuries.
Ensemble is using the technology to develop a novel therapeutic modality and simple bioassays of protein functionality.

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