therapeutic group

ther·a·peu·tic group

any group of patients meeting together for mutual psychotherapeutic, personal development, and life change goals.
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For example, the risks of adverse effects can be compounded by including multiple drugs from the same therapeutic group in a single FDC.
He previously served as senior vice president of clinical development and global therapeutic group head for oncology, genetic and neurodegenerative diseases at Genzyme Corporation, where he was responsible for leading clinical development teams for all drugs in development in those therapeutic areas.
describe the aspects of forming an effective therapeutic group.
They have also been equipped with ramps, elevators, accessible seating in all areas of the school, as well as therapeutic group rooms, he added.
The first group consisted of 18 patients who had returned pathological specimens before and after treatment and were further divided into two subgroups: a therapeutic group of ten patients and a control group of eight patients.
Methodist Family Health, which, among other services, offers counseling, acute psychiatric care, long-term residential care, therapeutic day treatment, therapeutic group home care and therapeutic foster care, will provide outpatient counseling services for Ranch residents and short-term treatment at its facilities.
The positive results with respect to the JSDQ may be interpreted as follows: These changes may be a function of being in a therapeutic group with others undergoing a similar situation, with the opportunity to engage in self-disclosure through the process of exploring and resolving one's presenting crisis.
Projects include a housing unit, home renovations, improvements to roads, a low-pressure water distribution system, a daycare facility, a therapeutic group home facility, and a replacement roof for the school.
The chemical or therapeutic group was marked as correct if either was successfully identified as described in the World Health Organization Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical classification.
The children with lymphoblastic Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) were treated according to the intermediate-risk arm of the first therapeutic group.
The Missouri Division of Youth Services rehabilitates juvenile delinquents, using a therapeutic group approach in small, homelike settings.
Table 1: Proposed coding system Code Budget Code Pharmacological/ Code Product Group Therapeutic group description (B.

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