therapeutic group

ther·a·peu·tic group

any group of patients meeting together for mutual psychotherapeutic, personal development, and life change goals.
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The therapeutic group conductor must therefore have the ability to relate widely and flexibly.
2015-hes-c005 acquisition of drugs by therapeutic group oxitoxicos, antacids, dopamine and disinfectants, for hospital escuintla.
Although the therapeutic group was under the pressure of the collapse of civilization around them, they were also under pressure to provide therapy, a situation that proved to be both challenging but ultimately useful.
Psychological intervention will be provided to OVC and their families using therapeutic group sessions as well as mobile therapy service to expand to the hard to reach areas.
Services that will be available through headspace Morwell's new site include assessment and referral, bulk-billing General Practice clinics, bulk-billing counselling services, secondary consultations, therapeutic group work programs, tele-psychiatry, alcohol and drug services and access to other services.
Dosage forms of therapeutic group B02BD (clotting factors)
These include assessment and referral, bulk-billing GP clinics, bulk-billed counselling, secondary consultations, therapeutic group work programs and access to external services including housing, education, and employment support.
Inspired by Camali's multidisciplinary ethos, the programme is split into four core areas: therapeutic group sessions, including psychotherapy, social skills, relaxation and relationship building; expressive group sessions, including poetry, music and creative art; academic study skills, including reading, concentration and project work; and one-on-one clinical sessions based on the disciplines of psychiatry, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy.
Under that policy, different drugs used to treat the same condition are clustered into a therapeutic group.
The sacred fire will be used for therapeutic group sessions and cultural learning.

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