therapeutic group

ther·a·peu·tic group

any group of patients meeting together for mutual psychotherapeutic, personal development, and life change goals.
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Inspired by Camali's multidisciplinary ethos, the programme is split into four core areas: therapeutic group sessions, including psychotherapy, social skills, relaxation and relationship building; expressive group sessions, including poetry, music and creative art; academic study skills, including reading, concentration and project work; and one-on-one clinical sessions based on the disciplines of psychiatry, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy.
Under that policy, different drugs used to treat the same condition are clustered into a therapeutic group.
The sacred fire will be used for therapeutic group sessions and cultural learning.
In contrast to this practice is engaged in orientation and therapy through exercise, therapeutic group with children seeks a contextualization, making the practice closest to the reality of the subject, and seeks the (re) signification of insight into the pathology, facilitating positive results [3,4].
The refuge, run by the Domestic Abuse Safety Unit (DASU), will provide emergency accommodation for male sufferers as well as offering legal advice, specialist counselling and therapeutic group work.
The clinical value of therapeutic group solutions has been consistently proven over time.
Totally, 372 patients with essential HTN were assigned to the traditional therapeutic group, and 2741 in the novel therapeutic group (named the guideline-based HTN management).
For example, the risks of adverse effects can be compounded by including multiple drugs from the same therapeutic group in a single FDC.
describe the aspects of forming an effective therapeutic group.
It is worth noting that the drugs glibenclamide, gliclazide, metformin and insulin were not included in the anatomical therapeutic group of the alimentary tract and metabolism because they are part of the inclusion criteria of the study.
Keywords: counselor education and development, ethnic identity development, multicultural counseling and development, social-cognitive development, therapeutic group factors

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