therapeutic encounter

therapeutic encounter,

n contact between at least two people designed to enhance the health of one or more of those engaged in the contact. See also therapeutic alliance.
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I had grown in my conviction that a good therapist is not abstracted from the therapeutic encounter, but steadfastly remains attuned and connected to the client.
The importance of trust, empathy, hope, fear, trepidation, and uncertainty in the therapeutic encounter should not be disregarded.
Led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Program in Placebo Studies and Therapeutic Encounter (PiPS) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, the new findings help to illuminate one of the more intangible aspects of health care - the doctor/patient relationship.
The technical therapeutic encounter that has characterized a great deal of patient care for the last few decades can be transformed into a more effective healing partnership through a new appreciation of brain function and systems medicine.
Sex in psychotherapy; sexuality, passion, love, and desire in the therapeutic encounter.
A last chance, dance class for perceived no-hopers soon becomes a therapeutic encounter between teenagers struggling with their ideas about sexuality and adulthood.
EBM is based on an over-simplistic understanding of medical practice and the therapeutic encounter.
Translating this concept into the therapeutic encounter first calls for explaining to the family that enabling is a high-energy expression of love.
What this study indicates is that patients are not the only ones at risk in the therapeutic encounter.
It would be easy to attribute such violence to a dependent, masochistic personality, or to a regressive borderline spectrum of disorder, and, in the process, to introduce our own biases in the therapeutic encounter.
Yalom probes the mysteries and marvels at the heart of the therapeutic encounter, revealing in six stories his own and his patients' confrontations with life's most profound challenges.
Dalrymple notes and laments the self-love intoxicant now served up in classrooms and in therapeutic encounters.
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