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1. the process or condition of becoming an embolus.
2. therapeutic introduction of a substance into a vessel in order to occlude it.
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1. The formation and release of an embolus into the circulation.
2. Therapeutic introduction of various substances into the circulation to occlude vessels, either to arrest or prevent hemorrhaging, to devitalize a structure, tumor, or organ by occluding its blood supply, or to reduce blood flow to an arteriovenous malformation.
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Therapeutics The blocking of an artery by a clot or foreign material, to prevent blood flow to a tumor
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1. The formation and release of an embolus into the circulation.
2. Therapeutic introduction of various substances into the circulation to occlude vessels, either to arrest or prevent hemorrhaging or to devitalize a structure or organ by occluding its blood supply.
Synonym(s): embolisation.
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A technique to stop or prevent hemorrhage by introducing a foreign mass, such as an air-filled membrane (balloon), into a blood vessel to block the flow of blood.
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Patient discussion about embolization

Q. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions regarding aerobic exercise post DVT and/or PE?

A. drink a lot of water and be aware. if you take your meds i think there shouldn't be a problem, but i strongly recommend asking your physician about it. he knows you and the problem and can give you a much much better answer.

Q. What is the differential diagnosis of chest pain in a 35 year old woman? I am a 35 years old woman. I suffer from chest pain for about 24 hours. I just came back from a trip to Europe, and i feel really bad. I smoke and I take anti contraceptive and i know that I am at a risk for pulmonary embolism or costochondritis. Cat it be something else?

A. The differential diagnosis of chest pain is very wide.
It can start in costochondritis if u carried a lot of luggage or might be pulmonary embolism if you didn't move from the chair all the flight. But it can also be a sign for an acute coronary syndrome (even at the age of 35) or a pericarditis. To be sure you need to consult with your GP.

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Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) is another option for dynamic abdominal imaging and has also been proved effective for the differentiation of the viable (enhanced) from the infarcted (nonenhanced) tissue; therefore, CEUS is considered a valid complementary modality for the study of tumor infarction, during and after therapeutic embolization (11).
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