therapeutic dose

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cur·a·tive dose (CD),

1. the quantity of any substance required to effect the cure of a disease or to correct the manifestations of a deficiency of a particular factor in the diet;
See also: CD50.
2. effective dose used with therapeutically applied compounds.
See also: CD50.
Synonym(s): therapeutic dose
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ther·a·peu·tic dose

(theră-pyūtik dōs)
Amount of medication required to produce the desired outcome.
See also: dose
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The animals were administered oral therapeutic doses of 100 and 200 mg/kg of the vehicle and drug.
Using the initial dose which was prescribed by the clinicians and the value of the therapeutic dose, the amount of percentage error is calculated.
low dose prescription n=31 68% median therapeutic dose prescription n=42 90% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Tests for drugs showed Mrs Wright had swallowed 1.2 microgrammes of the anti-depressant drug Trazadone but that was just within the therapeutic dose, said Mr Brown.
In conclusion, vanadyl sulphate is found to be nephrotoxic in a dose dependent manner within usual therapeutic dose range when administered over longer duration (six months in this case).
2 La Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray THIS IS ON OFFER AT LLOYDS PHARMACY FOR PS12.89 INSTEAD OF PS17.99 UNTIL JANUARY 21, 2013 Just one quick spritz will deliver a therapeutic dose of nicotine fast to relieve cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.
Amorcyte demonstrated in its Phase 1 trial that AMR-001 preserved heart muscle function when a therapeutic dose of cells was administered.
Some patients may report significant amelioration of symptoms even if they do not reach what is considered a therapeutic dose. These clinical observations have been confirmed by pharmacogenetic research that demonstrates metabolic variation across the population.
Desvenlafaxine is unique because the starting dose is the recommended therapeutic dose (50 mg once daily).
In this brief study, there was no increase in liver toxicity among alcoholic patients given the maximal therapeutic dose of acetaminophen.
Resten-NG in the therapeutic dose arm demonstrated statistically significant efficacy in preventing restenosis determined by both quantitative angiography and intravascular ultrasound compared with a control arm and a subtherapeutic dose arm.
Dr Samuel Kiberu, consultant pathologist at Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr, said Mr Morgan's body had six times the therapeutic dose of anti- depressant Dothiepin.

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