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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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The council called on scholars, thinkers, theologists and clerics to confront this extremist mindset.
The tradition of the Church contains everything was written and kept after the death of Apostles and their disciples: the writings of the Apostles, the Holy Apostles, the ascetics, martyrs, theologists and the holy inspired people (hymnologists, liturgists, canonists).
Dualist philosophers and theologists limit the spiritual life with mind-body or spirit-nature dualities.
is a pick for any scholarly Christian collection and provides the first completely fresh English translation of the commentary of Cyril of Alexandria one of the most eloquent of the Alexandrian theologists in the year 300.
The EC motor technique, the low friction bearing and the patented normal force sensor have been optimized over years to satisfy the highest demands of theologists.
He might have mentioned that, back in the 60s, poor Pope Paul VI, having appointed a mixed-sex committee of doctors, scientists and theologists to look into Church teaching on birth control, lost his nerve when it reported back to him a year later that there was little reason to continue to bar it.
Church did not approach them with empty hands, but it brought them, alongside faith, Greco-Roman culture enriched with the Christian religion and contributions of many philosophers and theologists, including prominent representatives of all important philosophic schools, particulary Platonism, Aristotelianism, Stoicism.
of Verona, Italy) uses the iconographies and the texts about these magical gems as documents to understand the most refined religious thought of Roman imperial theologists, concentrating on the Egyptian Kronos, the Indian Shiva, and the Greek Asklepios.
One of the theologists who joins this discussion, Joseph Ratzinger, actually points out that applied technologies reactivate in our conscience a more ancient difference, one that is linked to the Greek heritage of Europe.
Amina Wadud), of Iranian theologists (Azam Taleghani among the others), of Turkish activists, of Indonesian bloggers, etc.
M the Sultan's support of and confidence in scholars and theologists that enabled the symposium to continue since its launch.
The Roman Catholic theologists testify that Saint Sava was church and political missionary and peacemaker.