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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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Exploring how 20th-century Christian theologies of the Old Testament deal with history, Slama discusses the genre of Old Testament theology; what history is; theology of the Old Testament as history of religions; theology of the Old Testament as a philosophy of history; on the Catholic front: a struggle over history; against the tyranny of history: its beginning between the wars; theology of the Old Testament as a historical confession; when history reveals theology; in search of a theology of the Jewish Bible; history of religions once more; and against the tyranny of history: a post-modern sequel.
To conclude the book, Nessan highlights the contributions of Latin American liberation theologies to the emergence of other liberationist theologies across the globe.
Along the same line, Kirsteen Kim demonstrates how women's theologies from the Global South have come to challenge Western feminist theology.
From the emergence of contextual theologies in the 1980s, growth has
The question likely to arise at this point is what substance can be found in the minimal theologies of Adorno or Levinas.
So of course the ultimate theological criteria will not come down to strategy but love; radical democracy will be supported by theologies that are true enough to confound their own certainties, and caring enough to risk even the up-close differences that hurt the most.
Likewise there has been since 1992 a flowering of indigenous theologies, or teologia india, with many encuentros (meetings) across Latin America, especially in the Andean region.
Theology does play an important role in what we do but as Bishop Wand indicates, our structural unity must rest more on our common faith in Jesus Christ while we submit all our theologies to God's judgment and forgiveness.
And it is out of the methodological differences that the different theologies emerge.
And there are liberal Christian theologies that don't entail biblicism, managing, as Reinhold Niebuhr said, to take the text seriously even if not literally.
Imagining Grace: Liberating Theologies in the Slave Narrative Tradition.
Her descriptions of feminist and liberation theologies contextualize her principal discussion about the evolving approaches Christian theologians have taken to other religious faiths, subsuming interreligious dialogue and comparative theology under the aegis of "theology of religions.