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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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Within a Dutch context, and indeed at Cambridge rather earlier through Peter Baro, some theologians offered revised and more liberal understandings of Calvin's doctrine of election and the particularity of atonement, (8) even to the extent of giving rise to rival theological systems, though such liberal developments were perhaps sometimes more measured than the way, earlier, others of Calvin's disciples tended to harden the teaching of the reformer into a more restrictive scholasticism.
Why undertake theological description within the framework of a dictionary, treating the principal components of a theological system and structure as comparable to the principal parts of a language?
his career (1568) that Zanchi began work on a massive Reformed theological system.
I believe, as I have said on other occasions, (7) that the many private opinions of the Fathers, the fruits of the spiritual quest of men of faith illuminated by God, may not be artificially pruned in order to produce some simplified theological system or "summa".
I find particularly unhelpful the labels "liberal" and "conservative" for characterizing any theological system, even though I know that Dulles has been tagged from time to time with both labels.
If you enjoy good writing and discovering a spirituality that arises from experience of life and a great breadth of knowledge rather than a theological system, you will enjoy this book.
An expert in contemporary Islam and Islamic intellectualism, Abu-Rabi situates John Paul II's thought on Islam as both a theological system and a sociohistorical phenomenon and compares his ideas with those of modern Muslim intellectuals on Christianity.
does not invoke philosopher-theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher, who, despite his Kantian allergy to metaphysics, built an entire theological system around the dependence relation manifest in human cognition and moral action.
Although unimpressed by the airtight certainty of Taylor's theological system, Bushnell "did value his emphasis upon human freedom and responsibility and, in all probability, appreciated his emphasis on intellectual honesty" (46).
Judged incomplete in themselves, various Vedanta views could, corrected from a higher viewpoint, be woven into an integral theological system of benefit to both Hindus and Christians.
In chapter 4, "Questions of Belief," Arnold shows how inquisitors' and historians' desire to systematize diverse statements into a theological system held by well-informed believers obscures the reality.
The notions of the world and nature in Pannenberg's theological system remain undeveloped.

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