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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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The student of rabbinic text has usually internalized this theological system by reading text after text, without necessarily being able to express it.
Although some of his most important works were published posthumously, their power and persuasiveness created enough of a following to insure conservation of major elements of the theological system for several more decades.
Why undertake theological description within the framework of a dictionary, treating the principal components of a theological system and structure as comparable to the principal parts of a language?
He also points out that the negative side of that affirmative proposition is that the destruction of the Second Temple merely reinforced the received theological system, and the defeat in the war by Jews against Rome in 132-135, led by Bar Kokhba, only formed a footnote to the theological text.
The law, Halakhah, forms Judaism's principal medium of theology and translates details of law into a theological system expressed in patterns of deeds.
10) Seventeenth-century Baptists were essentially Reformed or Calvinistic Christians who admitted believers, on the declaration of their faith in baptism, into congregationally ordered churches, (11) Understanding the varieties of the Baptist context is important when interpreting their core theological system.
represent[ed by] a systematic attachment to or concentration upon any particular doctrine or concept as a key to theological system.
One may ask in relation to this: is it at all acceptable to speak of the "teaching of the holy Fathers" as a unique and coherent theological system, or should the expression "patristic theology" be used as a generic term only (in the way that we speak, for instance, of "ancient philosophy")?
According to Phan, they try to avoid reflections that are "so ethnic and contextual" that mainline theologians can ignore them, while working to develop theology that places no culture or theological system ahead of another.
At the apex of any theological system, of course, is its doctrine of God.
6) Nevertheless, writers such as Agrippa d'Aubigne and Beroalde de Verville devised strategies to write about themselves, even while insisting on their adherence to a theological system that rejected the self as an obstruction of, or a diversion from, the necessary and salutary focus on the divine.
He does, however, support the view that this literature is intended to expound a complex and integrated theological system.

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