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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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The Theological School of the Church of Cyprus was founded during difficult and crucial times for the future of our country," said Anastasiades, "a time when our country is now in need of shining examples.
Syngman Rhee, 83, mission administrator, theological educator, and ecumenical statesman, January 14, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia.
Theological education is a process of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social growth.
To engage key partners to share ideas and re-think ways in which theological education should be financed
The Atlas of Global Christianity did not focus on the development of theological and missionary education in Asia, thus, steps had to be taken to gather data, assess and map theological education in Asian churches.
According to Topping, the addition of theological education has "changed the nature of our discussions.
The Vatican has been pressuring the editors at Theological Studies since not long after the publication of the 2004 essay, according to theologians not connected to the journal or to the Jesuit order.
shared), and the purpose of theological education (ministerial vs.
I appreciated Noble's comprehensive sweep over Christian theology in both time and theological stance, but I found myself yearning for greater depth, and I was surprised at the absence of any significant consideration of Christology.
Archbishop Johnson said TEAC is, among other things, working to ensure that normative texts for Anglican theological education are available in seminaries around the world.
In doing so, they left the pre-theological stage and entered the theological stage of their development.
Point #2: There is a direct link between the temporality of theological proclamation and the identity of the believer.