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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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I served in a community where a rota of clergy wrote weekly reflections for the local newspaper' s "church page," giving opportunity for pastor-theologians to be heard outside their congregations, becoming public theologians.
The theologian claims that at least two members of the Synod committee have personally told him they disagree with the excommunication decision and the subsequent announcement.
This group of motivated students meets once a week to discuss the latest issues in theology, and most weeks they invite a guest theologian to speak to a specific issue.
Unfortunately, the chapters get bogged down in listing theologians side by side, leaving to the reader the task of linking and contrasting them.
Every theological school, for a start, should have at least one full-time woman theologian.
Although a professional theologian makes a career out of doing theology (usually in colleges and universities), all believers spend a certain amount of time theologizing whenever we ponder the great questions of life's meaning within the context of faith.
Hussein Khomeini, a Qom-based theologian who is one of the grandsons of the late imam, often and openly describes Khamenei as "the worst dictator in history".
Both give attention to pastor-theologians as well as to academic theologians, but Garrett's emphasis is decidedly on academic theologians; as a result, he barely mentions, for example, Martin Luther King, Jr.
I want to suggest that the vocation of a theologian in the twenty-first century is combining the sanctuary (what we do in worship) with the street (walking with and connecting with "everyday" people).
It must be noted however that unfortunately many Western Christian theologians have already surrendered to evolutionary theory.
Bonhoeffer is now said to be one of the world's most-cited Protestant theologians, with churches and parish centres named after him, and numerous books and movies recounting the story of his life.