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n a common trait among different diseases or different homeopathic remedies that connects them. See also essence.
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QNRF overtime will drawdown the investments in open calls (non-thematic proposals) while simultaneously increasing investments in thematic calls," Pillai said.
Advisers are looking for uncorrelated strategies, and thematic ETFs can help them meet their portfolios' needs.
The contributions in this thematic demonstrate just how important leadership by women themselves has been to women's organising and mobilising; to their collective identity, agency and resilience.
Thematic catalogues come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Heyman's is as comprehensive a catalogue as I can envision.
Generally, thematic rapporteurs are designated by the IACHR during its first session of the year, but under the Rules of Procedure, these appointments may be made "whenever necessary.
Even though thematic mapping has been a popular cartographic method for nearly 200 years, we cannot directly apply knowledge of the design of symbols for printed thematic maps as a guide for the creation of tactile symbols, given that it is often inappropriate to translate print map symbols into a tactile map format (James, 1982; Klatzky & Lederman, 1987).
Andrew Pitt, Citi's global head of CIRA, said, 'This thematic investing initiative coincides with the recovery from the worst global downturn in a generation, when we believe many of the standards of the past few decades could be challenged.
Indeed, here, a system will be outlined of the recovery of thematic null subjects by reference to contextual antecedents, supported by morphology in certain languages.
Thematic Inquiry Through Fiction and Nonfiction PreK to Grade 6 is a guide for educators and librarians for giving inquiry-based lessons to children in preschool and elementary classes.
Thematic Links: Friendship--Endangered Animals--Neighbourhood
Thematic dimensions demarcating developmental changes in participant thinking related to problem solving acts of teacher leadership are discussed in the section that follows.
Elaboration of the individual thematic layers will be gradual depending on the available information quantity and complexity of data for the various themes and on fastidiousness during their preparation into the form of map layers.