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We say the theft, for Isaac had simply made up his mind to steal the tulip; and as it grew in the most profound secrecy, and as, moreover, his word, being that of a renowned tulip-grower, would any day be taken against that of an unknown girl without any knowledge of horticulture, or against that of a prisoner convicted of high treason, he confidently hoped that, having once got possession of the bulb, he would be certain to obtain the prize; and then the tulip, instead of being called Tulipa nigra Barlaensis, would go down to posterity under the name of Tulipa nigra Boxtellensis or Boxtellea.
Boxtel at first entertained an idea of stealing the key, but it soon occurred to him, not only that it would be exceedingly difficult to abstract it from her pocket, but also that, when she perceived her loss, she would not leave her room until the lock was changed, and then Boxtel's first theft would be useless.
It was not yet certain, although very probable, that the tulip would flower black; if, therefore, he stole it now, he not only might be committing a useless crime, but also the theft might be discovered in the time which must elapse until the flower should open.
Should any one then reclaim it, Boxtel would in his turn charge him or her with theft.
And so, you and Homer and Simonides are agreed that justice is an art of theft; to be practised however `for the good of friends and for the harm of enemies,'--that was what you were saying?
Anne's of embezzlement, or your own relatives and equals of theft?" Mr.
"Isabel Miller is as incapable of an act of theft as I am.
"Oh, my Lady!" he pleaded, "think again before you tell the poor girl that she is suspected of theft. Keep it a secret from her--the shame of it will break her heart!"
"I'm a likely one to hide thefts! Why if I wanted to deal in them, opportunities came ready enough to me in my government."
Classic Security is fully committed to eliminating identity theft. We recently hosted a seminar at the New York Police Museum, which was arranged by several retired NYPD veterans we employ.
In 1995, a freelance editor in Washington, D.C., named Anne Meadows began a five-year nightmare when she got a call from an alert employee of BellSouth, who warned her that she had become a victim of identity theft. A year earlier, she learned, thieves had stolen her name, address, and Social-Security number from a government office, and that was all they needed to go on a binge.
DESPITE THE growing prevalence of identity theft, many companies and individuals are still unclear about how to report it and to whom.