theca cells

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theca cells, theca-lutein cells

lutein cells derived from the theca interna.
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Baillargeon and Nestler (39) postulated the former view as the cultured theca cells from PCOS women secrete more androgen upon insulin stimulation compared to normal cells.
Putative activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma impairs androgen and enhances progesterone biosynthesis in primary cultures of porcine theca cells.
Tumors of the specialized gonadal stroma in human male patients: androblastoma, Sertoli cell tumor, granulosa theca cell tumor of the testis, and gonadal stromal tumor.
A gel mould shaped like a honeycomb was seeded with theca cells, which grew into a structure 2 millimetres wide.
The labeling index was similar for granulosa and theca cells from secondary or antral follicles (overall 21.
2000), it also inhibits androgen production in ovarian theca cells (Schoppee et al.
By atresia progressing, granulosa cells had higher saturated lipids depicted by staining in comparison to the theca cells.
In bovine theca cells, arachidonic acid modulated androstenedione secretion, which suggests an indirect effect of omega-3 fatty acids through the displacement of, or increased competition with, omega-6 fatty acids.