the zone

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Environment See Zone of Alienation
Sports medicine
(1) A popular term used by some athletes for heart rates—zones—that reflect the intensity of a workout or exercise routine
(2) A popular term for a state of maximum physical, mental and psychological performance (‘the zone’)
Vox populi A place, area or region with specified boundaries

the 'zone'

Sports medicine
1. A popular term used by some amateur athletes for heart rates–zones that reflect the intensity of a workout or exercise routine.
2. A state of maximum physical, mental and psychological performance achieved by star athletes for fleeting moments in their careers. See Zone-favorable diet Vox populi A place, area or region with specified boundaries. See Body buffer zone, Convergence zone, Convergent zone, Epileptic zone, Forbidden zone, Gray zone, Health zone, Hot zone, Quiet zone, Safety zone, Transformation zone, Trigger zone, Twilight zone.
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The pervasiveness and the huge radii of the zones are to blame for most of what makes them ineffective as well as troubling.
The zone concept also brought administrative personnel in direct contact with officers on their beats.
The credit is subject to recapture if the property is disposed of or no longer used within the Zone at any time before the end of the second tax year after the property is placed in service.
Businesses that have opened in Lancaster's portion of the zone include the Countrywide Home Loan processing center, the Michaels and Rite-Aid distribution warehouses and Starwood Hotel's reservation center.
The new site contains information on zone business incentives, profiles on companies located in the zone and a zone boundary map.
In April, the San Fernando Valley Interim Joint Powers Authority submitted a draft operational and financial plan for the zone to the MTA for its review.
In fact, the zone's proposed operating cost per bus service hour is higher than Foothill Transit, LADOT, Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus and Long Beach Transit, all of which have been touted as examples of how the zone would save money.
The negotiators are clearly being held hostage to the zone, and if transit dependent people in the Valley are forced to the back of the bus, it will be another big boost for secession,'' said Richard Katz, co-chairman of Valley Industry and Commerce Association's transportation committee.
The study's findings that the MTA has a bloated bureaucracy and unnecessary overhead bolster the case for a San Fernando Valley Transportation Zone only weeks before a key vote to decide whether negotiations on creating the zone will begin.
The zone is designed to give officials of nine cities control over operation of 27 MTA Metro Bus lines in the Valley and nearby areas.