the three As

the three As

Immunology A term that simplistically addresses management of Pts with insect allergy: adrenaline, avoidance, allergist
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Q. What does it mean when you have breast cancer in three different areas? My friend just found out that she has breast cancer in her right breast but three different lump types of cancer in one breast, and it has affected her lymph nodes at least two of them. What are her chances and what stage cancer would that be? She is going to be having a mastectomy and chemo.

A. Did they biopsied the lumps? Are they sure they are cancerous? If so that means it might got metastasized, the cancerous cells can move around in the blood stream and then just start “hook” on an organ and continue multiplying. That is a malignant and dangerous situation.

Q. what is the regular body mass for a five three 11 year old

A. Here is a website that can help you calculate your childs body mass index(BMI).

You cant always go by what those charts say though, because according to them I am overwieght. I'm 5'10 and I weigh 176 lbs and i am far from overweight. I would say that as long as your child is healthy and you can see that your childs weight isn't causing them problems then all is well. Hope this helps.

Q. I am suffering from tennis elbow for nearly three months. What is the best treatment and exercise? There is very pain and I can not lift any weight even mug to bath. I attended my doctor who advised me Nucoxia 90 (Etoricoxib 90) 1 OD for 14 days and SWD 10 minutes for 6 days at affected right elbow. There was some relief for few days but again the position is same due to which I am unable to do my routine works. At night on sleeping, the arm becomes heavy and painful.

A. As for i have learned that Tennis elbow is the inflamation of the tendons on the lateral side of the elbow. You can take an ice cube and gently massage it for about 10 minutes and repeat the same for 3 times a week. if you approach a physical therapist , that would be useful where they use a modality called ultrasound with some medication. A physical therapist can teach you how to do correct exercise.

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