the love drug

the 'love drug'

see Ecstasy.
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Festival-goers can also discover the advantages of eating 'Feel Good' foods such as cheese (a source of phenylethylamie - the love drug) and dark chocolate and seaweed (both sources of serotonin - the happy drug).
The legendary screen hero, 86, also revealed that he once tried Viagra, but the love drug failed as a licence to thrill.
Both create a pleasant release of hormones, so cooking a delicious meal can help spur the release of the love drug. Making the meal together can further accentuate the feeling by creating the appreciation of building the relationship together.
A previous mention of the love drug was in a 2008 study by the University of Zurich that found that couples receiving a dose of oxytocin in the form of a nasal spray had lower levels of stress hormones and showed positive behaviour during fights.
Ecstasy has several different names including X, Hug and The Love Drug. It is illegal in the UK.
Producer Rob Heydon said yesterday: "This is a story revolving around the love drug ecstasy.
Raid: Cops swooped at Ayr's Club de Mar' Mad for it: Loyalist hardman Johnny Adair was caught with the love drug on a night out clubbing' Battered: Wife Gina
It is known as the love drug. Within about 15 minutes of swallowing Ecstasy, users feel a profound empathy, a closeness and bonding to others that lasts 3-4 hours.
Dan Kirkby, a spokesman for the Healthy Lifestyle Centre, makers of the love drug, said PJ Ellis put his name forward after they appeared together on Channel 4's Ri:se programme yesterday.
My conclusions from this research--published in a book entitled The Love Drug (Haworth Medical Press)--run counter to much of the popular wisdom on the medical effects of Ecstasy.
A 70-year-old man from New York, hearing aids in both ears, made headlines when he swallowed the love drug. For the first time in years, he had sex with his live-in lover of a decade and then proceeded to leave her only four days later, bottle in hand.