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The first purposes of every such book must be to outline the development of the literature with due regard to national life, and to give appreciative interpretation of the work of the most important authors.
Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition "How to Read World Literature" by David Damrosch (Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature, Columbia University) continues to address the unique challenges and joys faced when approaching the literature of other cultures and eras.
Among their topics are Nussbaum and hermeneutics on the ethical potential of literature, a Bakhtinian perspective on literature and ethics, cognitive science and the value of literature for life, a value-pluralist approach to genres, and the literature myth.
Rushdie believed that the concept or notion of Commonwealth Literature is intended to produce another genre or category of literature out of English Literature and that the "effect of creating such a ghetto was, is, to change the meaning of the far broader term 'English literature' which I'd always taken to mean simply the literature of the English language--into something far narrower, something topographical, nationalistic, possibly even racially segregationist" (63).
Writers and literature educators are protesting the decision of Department of Education (DepEd) functionaries to drastically downscale the literature and humanities in the new "K to 12" program, which is supposed to add two years to basic education so as to better prepare Filipinos for higher education.
The essays in this section encourage the development of enlightening lessons that could be incorporated into courses across the literature and even the legal studies curriculum.
An understanding of children's literature and relevance of the literature to the individuals concerned plays an important role in the success of the literature's appeal.
The effects of literature are a result of the literature itself, in combination with the prior affective and cognitive condition of the reader, and a product of the dialogue that occurs between the readers who are sharing their thoughts and feelings.
The literature produced in the standard Sinitic language by either the descendants of the Han settlers or the indigenous writers today can by no means be called Chinese literature.
The best way to show the excellence of this collection is to list the subjects covered: the Literature of Exploration, Capt.
Class time was also spent reviewing how to ask open-ended questions (rather then closed, fact-based questions) and looking at connections between the literature, current events and personal experiences in order to enhance the roles of questioner (discussion director) and the researcher (investigator).
By gender, the literature gap is wide: at least 55 percent of females (59 million) read literature in late 2002, compared to nearly 38 percent of men (37 million).