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The damage this week to a new vehicle was the final straw for the operator who has now withdrawn the service.
It was the final straw for the 12-year-old, who is now too scared to return to Holly Lodge college, West Derby.
The final straw is her department's allowing registered sex offenders to work in schools.
But the final straw came when Saints fans turned on Sturrock and demanded Lowe axed him.
The final straw came last season, when Wallace was suspended for seven games for threatening a referee after the game.
The final straw came when I arrived home the other day to find my new bedding plants trampled to the ground.
The final straw was the decision to pay pensions and allowances directly into bank and building society accounts.
Wylie is not under pressure to quit Glenavon but may feel yesterday's result was the final straw.
Khubza was a winner of a Newmarket maiden and she is out of the Final Straw mare Breadcrumb.
But Saturday's 3-0 defeat by Wigan looks like it might be the final straw, or at least the quarter-final straw, for the trophyphobic manager.
HAVING been a Labour voter for the last 30 years, this abolition of the 10p tax rate is the final straw and I won't be voting for them again.
The final straw came last week when hundreds of staff had to leave one of the council's biggest office blocks - Christchurch House in the city centre - after someone burned the toast.