the crystalline lens

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Lens (the crystalline lens)

A transparent structure in the eye that focuses light onto the retina.
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Patient discussion about the crystalline lens

Q. My neighbor's kid had a lens dislocation due to Marfan's disease. Is this a contagious thing? My neighbor's have a sweet 8 year old boy. he had a lens dislocation due to a connective tissue disease named Marfan (I think that the name). It sounds like a very serious condition. My boy is playing with this kid several hour a week. should I take him to the GP to see that his is not infected with this marfan thing?

A. As in love and war so is in medicine the is no always nor never. It is probably the marfan that caused your neighbor kid the lens dislocation but you can never know for sure.
If you want there is nothing wrong in taking your boy for an annual check of an ophthalmologist.

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the orbit," the sparkle the warning the crystalline lens has
What happens: The crystalline lens in the eye becomes cloudy.
Ectopia lentis, a condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye is dislocated from its normal anatomical position, may be associated with a variety of ocular and/or systemic diseases.
Fibres in the crystalline lens in the eye harden up when we start to approach mid to late forties,' Ms Clark said.
Presbyopia is a condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye loses its flexibility.
When you hit your 40s, the crystalline lens [in the eye] cannot change focus quite as readily," McNally explains.
The ClearPath is cleared by FDA as a tool for the measurement of autofluorescence by scanning the crystalline lens of the eye with a blue light.
Myopia and a vibration of the crystalline lens on eye movement (phacodonesis) can occur prior to subluxation.
13/291,072, allows for claims on the apparatus and the method which in combination enables diagnostic efficacy for optimal performance with a minimum of error for measuring autofluorescence in the crystalline lens of the eye using a blue light source.
Unlike traditional imaging systems, LENSAR's Augmented Reality platform provides clean, low noise images that are both high contrast and high resolution from the anterior surface of the cornea to the posterior capsule of the crystalline lens, while automating the ability to correct for lens tilt or centration during the customized treatment to accommodate each patient's individual anatomy.
The long term effect of chronic hyperglycaemia has been shown to result in myopic shifts, due to the influx of water from the aqueous humour into the crystalline lens.
Presbyopia is a vision condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye loses its flexibility, which makes it difficult to focus on close objects.