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The gap between diagnosis in childhood and marriage in early adulthood results in many heterozygous couples being unaware of the risk of having children with thalassaemia major.
But, unfortunately, when one person with thalassaemia minor carrier happens to marry another with the same diagnosis, there is a strong possibility that their child would be thalassaemia major, as happened in the case of Taneja.
Thalassaemia major in every pregnancy in case two Thalassaemia carriers got married.
There is also a 25 per cent chance for a child to be born with Thalassaemia major if both parents have the carrier genes.
Uswah Noor Mohammad is diagnosed with beta thalassaemia major and needs an urgent bone marrow transplant.
To a question he said if two thalassaemia minor get married to each other, 25 % chances are there that their kid is going to born with thalassaemia major.
Children born with Thalassaemia Major are normal at birth, but develop severe anaemia during the first year of life.
Even though medical experts across the UAE advise couples planning to get married to screen for hereditary and genetic conditions such as thalassaemia major, an official from the Disease and Preventive Screening Centre under the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), confirmed that the pre-marital screening programme only tests for HIV/Aids, syphilis and hepatitis B, and not for thalassaemia.
The ministry is treating more than 100 thalassaemia major patients, with at least three new cases so far this year, while the Dubai Thalassaemia Centre under DHA is treating 720 patients, and Haad about 100 patients.
He said thalassaemia major is a serious blood disorder which causes severe anaemia and related complications.
The wish children were: Bisma Murad Ali suffering from Thalassaemia Major and Rabia Asghar suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot wished to have Doll & Doll House, Mohammad Athar Ali suffering from Haemophilia wished to have Remote Control Car, Husnain suffering from Haemophilia wished to have Bicycle, Shahzaib suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia wished to have a cricket kit, Rabia Jamal Nasir suffering from Thalassaemia Major wished to have a Designer's dress, Abideen suffering from Thalassaemia Major wished to have a Mobile phone, M.
They said around 5000 children are diagnosed with thalassaemia major each year.