thalamic peduncle

tha·lam·ic pe·dun·cle

(thă-lam'ik pĕ-dŭngk'ĕl)
Pedunculus thalami inferior, lateralis, and ventralis.
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Electrodes have been implanted in the subcallosal cingulate gyrus, inferior thalamic peduncle, ventral capsule/ventral striatum, superolateral branch of the medial forebrain bundle (MFB), and nucleus accumbens.
In 2 case reports, the electrode was implanted in the inferior thalamic peduncle. (52,53) Each study had 1 participant, and each patient remitted.
Neuromodulation of the inferior thalamic peduncle for major depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.
Stimulation of the inferior thalamic peduncle appeared to achieve better results, but this is a sketchy conclusion based upon two studies totaling just six patients (BMC Psychiatry.
nucleus accumbens, subthalamic nucleus and lower thalamic peduncle. So far, a significant number of small case studies with favourable results in the treatment of treatment-resistant OCD, with rare side effects have been published [26-30].
The OCD data also suggest reasonable efficacy and safety for the VC/VS, inferior thalamic peduncle, and subthalamic nucleus targets, but not the nucleus accumbens.