A tissue.
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To accelerate their sales process and make more placements more quickly, premier staffing agency trustaff implemented two-way text messaging from TextUs.
See Sheehan's comment that "The Enlightenment Bible was delivered, in Germany, by those committed to transforming, not preserving, the textus receptus .
For other explorations of theatricality and gender in the play, see Dittmann, "Tear him to pieces," 665-66, and Clara Mucci, "Discourses of the Body: Coriolanus, the Theatre, and the Politics of the (Feminine) Jacobean Body," Textus 13 (2000): 347-65, 394.
The Textus Prior of the Mixed Commission on Scripture in the Church, 1962-63
6) Il latino textus sta sia per "tessuto" che per "narrazione," "testo.
com or by texting their flight number to TEXTUS before arriving at the airport.
Corpus linguist John Sinclair's theory that "words enter into meaningful relations with other words around them" ("The Search for Units of Meaning" Textus 9, no.
The Cliches of Love, Memory, and Desire in Mary Dorcey's Poetry', in Textus, 2, pp.
Ludovico Marracci's Alcorani textus universes Ex correctioribus Arabum exemplaribus summa fide, atque pulcherrimis characteribus sdescriptus followed his 1691 four-volume refutation of the Qur'an, Prodromus in refutationem Alcorani, and contained a Latin translation, a description of the life of the Prophet and an introduction to the Qur'an in addition to the entire text of the Prodromus.
In fine disceptationis, omnes conveniunt ut textus remaneat prouti iacet.
His ax is sharp and his blows are relentless against the cultural textus receptus.