A tissue.
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Tenemos que tratar de recuperar la intencionalidad del autor (intentio auctoris) sabiendo que va a predominar la intencionalidad del lector (intentio lectoris), pero no demasiado, en esa intencionalidad del texto, como la llama Umberto Eco (intentio operis, a la que podriamos llamar intentio textus) (Eco: 1992, pp.30-31).
[Comment: Oliveros' textus lapsus is expurgated as unsuitable for juvenile consumption.]
In 1698 Ludovico Marracci, a brilliant Arabist and scholar of Islam in Rome, published his Alcorani textus universus, a gigantic achievement in the history of European scholarship on Islam and its holy text: a painstaking edition of the Arabic text of the Quran together with a literal translation into Latin, accompanied by ample notes based on wide reading in the Arabic tradition of Quran exegesis.
Brague quotes in Latin Bacon's plea to Pope Clement IV to establish schools throughout Christendom for the study of "alien" or foreign languages--that is, Hebrew and Greek, the original languages of the Bible and of philosophy: sapientia latinorum tracta est ex alienis Unguis; nam totus textus sacer et tota philosophia descenderunt a Unguis extraneis.
The historical semantics of textus are found in a wide range of sources within various fields of arts and sciences, and its continuities and discontinuities are accordingly approached in rather different ways by the different disciplines.
Di seguito, al termine di una laboriosa fase di constitutio textus, diamo conto, per le poesie gia comprese nelle precedenti edizioni e alio stato attuale delle ricerche, delle sedi e delle date di pubblicazione delle liriche tarchettiane, seguendo l'ordine di disposizione delle stesse aH'interno del testo critico che sara a breve pubblicato.
But, as he points out, his explicatio textus is not so much the tracing of the historical causes of Aquinas's ideas as it is what Gustav Bergmann called a "structural history": a search for the presuppositions and entailments of the central claims in Aquinas's theory of mind.
'Text', from textus, literally means 'woven'; the details of Ovid's tapestries are intertextos, 'interwoven'; like Velazquez's painting, their real artfulness comes from their situation in relation to a web that seems to spool out infinitely.
Le textus emendatus s'appuyant sur Mediator Dei, precise que les fideles participem au sacrifice, <<non seulement parce qu'ils offrent le sacrifice par les mains du pretre, mais aussi en s'offrant eux-memes en union avec celui qui offre>>.