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A bipolar device that permits a flow of electrons in only one direction.
Synonym(s): silicone diode.
[di- + -ode fr. anode, cathode]
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In (a) and (b), the upper four traces represent the LFPs recorded from four channels in the tetrode T1 implanted in CA1 of hippocampus; the lower four traces represent the LFPs recorded from four channels in the tetrode T2 implanted in MDT of thalamus; the red vertical lines represent the ending time of stimulation process.
The model 116FC replaces the 4CX250B ceramic tetrode, claimed to be the sole provider for the 100 W EMI-EMC test console.
The heart of these power supplies was the self-excited power oscillator using a tetrode or a pentode with tuned step-up secondary.
It was perhaps inevitable that Hack should move on to Renaissance bronzes and marble--not least those by the 16th-century Netherlandish sculptor Willem van Tetrode, who spent almost 20 years in Italy, studying and restoring antique marbles in the studio of Guglielmo della Porta in Rome as well as working for the likes of Benvenuto Cellini in Florence before establishing his own studio--and finally returning home.
Contents: Frits Scholten, "Willem van Tetrode, alter Praxiteles"; Emile van Binnebeke, "A majestic showpiece: Willem van Tetrode and the studiolo of the Count of Pitigliano'; Francesca G.
Dedicated exhibitions have been held on sculptors working in bronze, such as Adriaen de Vries, Willem van Tetrode, and Andrea Riccio.
van Tetrode. From the third quarter of the 16th century, this sculpture--illustrated in the January Apollo- was expected to fetch $1.5m-$2.5m, and changed hands--as did many bronzes here--for a figure at the lower end of the estimate, realising just over $2m.
With the apples of the Hesperides behind his back, Tetrode's tautly posed strongman quivers with dynamic energy, caught in a moment of reflection (estimate $1.5m-$2.5m).