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The compound CN4H2 with the structure of tetrazolium.
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The seeds from all sites of origin did not germinate at temperatures equal to or higher than 40[degrees]C and, based on the results of the tetrazole test, all seeds that did not germinate were dead and not dormant (Tables 4 and 5).
The challenge is to develop the ring system by incorporating the tetrazole nucleus into it through the proposed reaction scheme.
In February 1991, a drum of tetrazole exploded in the incinerator's rotary kiln, blew open three doors, and emitted a cloud of poisonous smoke.
Expandex 5-PT, 5-phenyl tetrazole, is a popular agent for PC.
23 NATURE, the material is a compressed mixture of two substances: tetrazole and sodium tetrazolate.
This feature strongly limits its applications in comparison with tetrazole substrates, which give a water-soluble product.
4] [6-10] or heterocyclic molecules such as imidazole [11, 12], benzimidazole [13], triazole [14, 15] and tetrazole [16], The proton transfer in these systems are provided via hydrogen bonding between acid and heterocyclic molecules.
Ticku, "Interactions of pentamethylenetetrazole and tetrazole analogues with the picrotoxinin site of the benzodiazepine-GABA receptor-ionophore complex," European Journal of Pharmacology, vol.
Pentylene tetrazole (PTZ), Scopolamine Ha, Cyproheptadine HCL, Yohimbine, Strychnine, Atropine HCL, Naloxone and Caffeine HCL (Sigma Chemicals Co.
Tetrazole derivatives possess very interesting pharmacological and biological properties and are reported to exhibit variety of biological activities like antibacterial [7], antifungal [8, 9], analgesic [10], anti-inflammatory [11, 12], antitubercular activity [13].
You know there are some regulatory problems like the tetrazole and the azides that aren't able to ship.