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Relating to a tetrad.
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It can be concluded that taking a broader approach when investigating creativity proposed by Glavaneu (2010) enables us to understand more clearly the importance of each aspect and their dialogical connection in the tetradic framework within the cultural psychology of creativity.
McLuhan succinctly summarized these impacts as the law of media, presented in the tetradic framework (Figure 1) in a book coauthored with his son Eric and published posthumously (McLuhan and McLuhan 1988).
Trainees in the new triadic and tetradic protocols experienced more hands-on practice than dyad-observer trainees in Experiment 1.
To put it in tetradic terms, cybernetics enhances feedback and control, obsolesces linear thinking, retrieves mythical thinking and binary logic (as contained in the skate myth and the immemorial I Ching), and, taken to an extreme, reverses into hypersurveillance.
(4) As Alfonso Ortiz (San Juan Tewa) regularly articulated it, Indian peoples are "relentlessly tetradic".
In Allen's (1986, 1989a, 1989b, 1998) universal theory of kinship evolution a tetradic proto-human terminology is defined by alternate generation equations, prescriptive equations and classificatory equations.
The dyadic and tetradic protocols have already encouraged modifications to training protocols at the Aer Lingus pilot training center (Johnston, Regian, & Shebilske, 1995).
PZ: Burke's point that human communication is necessarily selective can be couched in tetradic terms.